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Saturday, 03 November 2007

One of the benefits of being a PAGASA member is getting your own email address. You can have an e-mail like "name_of_your_store @".

PAGASA mailboxes are now powered by Google. This means that you get about 4.5mb (and counting) of mailbox, superior spam and virus protection and you can access your e-mail using your favorite mail reader, use a web browser and even your cellphone!

If you are a member in good standing, just get in touch with the secretariat and request for your personalized mailbox.


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My Own Meat Shop Tour PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 03 November 2007
Last October 24, 2007, PAGASA members are treated to a tour of the My Own Meat Shop. Shop owner, Jesus Cham showed samples of the different products and explained the merits of his packaged products compared to the wet market. Pictured on the left are William Villanueva (Purity Supermarket), Juanito Cua (Welcome Supermarket), Johnny Lim (680 Supermart) and Jesus Cham.

Mr. Cham gave a tour of the plant and show how the products are packaged during tour of the plant where walk-in freezers kept at a contant temperature of -18 degrees ensure the quality of the meat. Picture on the right shows Robert Ang and (Topline Supermarket), Juanito Cua (Welcome Supermart), William Villanueva (Purity Supermarket) and Mr. Jesus Cham.

Mr. Cham using a laser thermometer to take the temperature of the products inside the freezers.
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PAGASA 2007 Officers PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 03 November 2007
PAGASA Board for 2007-2009 recently held its election of Officers at The Old Swiss Inn in Makati: (Clockwise from rightmost) Steven Cua/Welcome Supermart (Pres.), William Villanueva/Purity Supermarket (Treas.), Roy Chua/Daily Supermarket (VP), Liansel Sy/Liana’s Supermarket, Fred Gravador/Simplicity Ministop (standing), Robert Ang/Topline Supermarket (P.R.O.), Johnny Lim/680 Supermart and Karl Marxist Tan/Budgetlane Sukimart (Corp. Sec.).
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