Tuesday, 03 November 2015
PAGASA PRES. MEETS WITH PCBSA PRES. OPAGASA PRES. MEETS WITH PCBSA PRES. n the afternoon of 3 November 2015, the Pres. of the Phil. Confectionery, Biscuits and Snack Foods Assn. (PCBSA)> Mr. William Lim paid PAGASA’s Mr. Cua a visit at PAGASA office to discuss how the two organizations can make the most of its members’ affiliation with their respective associations. In a generous move on the part of Mr. Lim who is established in his business>W.L. Food Products, he took time out of his busy schedule to brainstorm with Mr. Cua on ways the members of their two groups can maximize their participation/ involvement in the two Industry Assns. A project is a-brewing in the months to come.
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