Forum on Plastic Bag Reduction
Friday, 06 July 2012
OForum on Plastic Bag ReductionForum on Plastic Bag Reduction n 6 July 2012, the City Council of QC called for a Forum on the Effective and Proper Implementation of Ordinances on Plastic Bag Reduction: SP2140 and SP2103 at the Bulwagan Amoranto of the City Hall where Mayor Herbert M. Bautista  and Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte-Alimurung attended. Sponsored by Coun. Dorothy “Doray” A. Delarmente of Dist. I, the piece of legislation was patterned after PAGASA’s Position Paper (see file) on Plastic Bags Regulation, as intimated by staff of the Environmental Protection and Waste Management Department of the City Government. The Unit is headed by Ms. Federika C. Rentoy. Customers who do not bring a used plastic bag for retailers to collect will be charged P2.00 which will go to a Green Fund to be used by retailers solely for initiating environment-friendly projects for their neighborhood. Ecowaste Coalition’s Ofel Panganiban stands between STC and Daily Supermarket’s Desmond Chua together with officials of QC City Government in charge of private wet markets.
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