Bonding in Baguio on PAGASA's 20th Anniversary
Written by Steven Cua   
Sunday, 12 November 2006
PAGASA members took the day off from work's busy schedule to literally stop to smell the flowers; at the summer capital of the Philippines at that! Baguio, a resort city atop a mountain known for its relaxing weather of 16-20 degrees, became the spot of choice of PAGASA members for their bonding activity as they celebrate the organization´┐Żs momentous 20th Anniversary! They woke up very early in the morning to travel to the strawberry fields of Benguet on the 28th of October 2006 to pick berries to bring back to Manila. They had breakfast al-fresco at Camp John Hay courtesy of their kind hosts from Fil-estate.

Picture shows (seated clockwise) PAGASA Vice President Roy Chua of Daily Supermarket, Letty Badilla of Royal Family Superstore, Fred Gravador of Gozsap, PAGASA Board Member Edgar Robes of Susanamart, PAGASA President Steven Cua, Emerson Sio of Sioland (standing from left) Zandre Gravador of Gozsap, Robert Go of Prince Warehouse Club/Cebu and PAGASA Treasurer/E-Secretary William Villanueva of Purity Supermarket (not present in picture were Conrad Layug and Del Datur of newest member Commonwealth Avenue Supermarket).

Another picture shows PAGASA members with family showing off their summer house/log cabin which they intend to purchase for future PAGASA trips to Baguio IF AND WHEN the Association coughs up enough money from future fund-raising projects! Living was easy at the classy Manor Hotel inside Camp John Hay. The group toured the different supermarkets the Summer Capital had to offer as a way of learning as you relax! Ukay-ukay (2nd hand clothes retailing) was a scene to watch along popular Session Road at weekend nights and the group dipped its palate into the original dishes of classic stops in Baguio like the 456 Kitchenette and of course, coffee, coffee and lots of coffee in a place as cold and nice as Baguio!

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